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Back-To-School Season

Wilson Beebe joined the DistillPD team in 2019, bringing with him experience in the bicycle and medical product worlds.  Now settled in, we are proud to share the news that he is starting in on his next big change.

Wilson starts classes this week for the Master of Product Design and Development Management (mpd²) program at the Segal Design Institute, McCormick School of Engineering.

This is of course just the start of a lot of hard work ahead, and necessary precautions are making the process a unique endeavor.  We wish him the best in his studies, and look forward to the day he can claim his new title.

Adding To Our Team


February was a big month for us here at Distill PD – and in the process we got just a little bit bigger! We’ve been so busy that it dawned on us today that we never sent out an announcement…

Industrial Designer Wilson Beebe brings his experience in the bicycle and medical industries to our team, as well as a great attitude. Having fun pulling him in on ongoing projects as well as kicking off some new ones. Congrats Wilson – we’re glad to pull you aboard!

Happy Holidays & New Year!

As the weather outside gets frightful, many of us grab a steaming cup of our favorite “thinking fuel”, curl up with a great book or movie (or perhaps an array of whiteboards) and settle in for the conclusion of the passing year. It is also a time to take stock of the last year and ruminate on what lies ahead. For Dpd it has been a fantastic year, and we owe thanks to many of you for that. We certainly wish the same for all of our friends and partners in 2019.


2017 International Housewares Show



It’s February, which means it’s that time again… Distill-PD recently combed through 150 entries across multiple categories to help select finalists for the 2017 IHA Innovation Awards. Winners will be featured in the New Product Showcase at this year’s Housewares Show in March. This wasn’t our first rodeo – Douglas Carpiaux has participated for a handful of years and was an on-site judge for the IHA Student Design Competition in 2009. Looking forward to the show next month – expect we’ll see a few of you there!



Farewell to 2016, Hello to 2017



As 2016 draws to a close, we count our collaborations as our most precious highlights – understanding that the experiences we explore and the work we create are inseparable from the company we keep. We look forward to 2017 with excitement, and wish to count our current partners among those highlights again, alongside some new faces…

Happy holidays, and happy new year!



Marking An Occasion



We would be remiss if we let this July come to a close without noting that it marks our first full year of business as Distill Product Development. It has been a fun and challenging year of deep familiarity infused with fresh changes. With over 20 years of collaboration under our belts, it is amazing how some focused and smart rethinking can change one’s world. Thank you to our partners in life and profession who have helped make this all possible.

One down, and an open road ahead for many more…



Summer ID Internship with Distill-PD



Distill-PD is currently searching for an Industrial Design intern to join us for the summer.  Candidates should have junior or higher status in an accredited Industrial Design program.  Position details available here.

To apply for this position, candidates must provide a cover letter/resume and portfolio sample (under 10MB) that represents a cross section of their strongest work.  Deadline for submission is 27apr2016.


Send submission materials to:

New Beginnings, Familiar Faces



This Independence Day holds a special place in our hearts, as it coincides with our own statement of independence. This July marks the start in a new chapter of our professional lives, taking over two decades of experience and collaboration to a new venue we can call our own.

We love the creative process (always have), but we’ve learned we love it best when it is effective and focused. We bring our creativity to your problem, but we also draw your team’s creativity to the surface and inject carefully chosen talents from our network to build upon the resulting mix. You end up with more in substance and effectiveness, but not in overhead and unneeded extras – a concentrated solution.

Exciting possibilities lie ahead, and we look forward to crossing paths with like-minded partners along the way to do fantastic things!